How to Stay in Touch with Friends after College

How to Stay in Touch with Friends after College
July 19, 2017 by Orr Fellowship

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Everyone says college is the best four years of your life, where you will make friends that will last you a lifetime. But then, when we enter the “scary real world” and friends are scattered around the country, with their own jobs and adventures, we fear that we may lose those connections. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case, which is why it’s important to find ways to uphold and strengthen those great friendships. Here are some tips to help you stay in touch with those friends while you’re fostering new relationships in the adult world!

Set Aside Time

It’s easy to get caught up in your new life. Working, exploring your new city, and spending time with new friends can eat up every second of your day. So, just shoot someone a few texts throughout the day, block off an hour of your life, or devote time to talking with an old friend. It isn’t always convenient — but it’s important! Schedule weekly or monthly video chats to have uninterrupted “face-to-face” catch ups and keep each other up-to-date on life developments.

Do Activities “Together”

It’s tough not being able to spend time with the people you saw every day – so find a way to keep doing things together! Watch a TV episode at the same time (so you can freak out with each other simultaneously), be pen-pals (old fashioned snail mail rules!), or get on the same workout schedule and challenge each other. Any activity done alongside your old friends will make the distance seem much smaller!

Keep the Group Atmosphere

Seriously, where would we be without group texts? This is a great medium for talking to many of your friends and keeping the group alive! It’s a wonderful world of inside jokes, pictures, and updates at your fingertips – even try to make IRL plans for the future! Just make sure not to let this replace one-on-one interactions—check in with your friends outside the group chat as much as you can.

Plan Visits

As great as these tips are, there’s no comparison to physically hanging out with your close friends. Try to always have a forecast of the next time you’ll see each other—whether it’s a reunion back at school for a football game or a weekend visit to their new city. Take the time to share your new, adult world with the friends you cherish!

Starting a new life is scary, especially without your best friends by your side. The good news is, if you put in a little bit of work, it’s a breeze to grow new relationships while maintaining old ones!

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