Orr Network: IWU Fellow Goes All-In on Making Connections

Orr Network: IWU Fellow Goes All-In on Making Connections
October 9, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Our Orr Fellow of the Week, Jake Smith, bought into the benefits of the connections the Orr Network offers. Whether it be via professional mentorship or just hanging out with other Fellows, Jake takes pride in his ability to get to know his peers! Read his story here.

IMG_0072Name:Jake Smith
School: Indiana Wesleyan University ’15
Major: Marketing & Business Administration
Host Company:SupplyKick
What attracted you to the Orr Fellowship and how do you think it’s going to help your future career path?
I remember sitting down with a close friend and mentor of mine who explained Orr Fellowship program back when I was a Sophomore. He had gone through the whole interviewing process and made it in and for the next two years we continued the conversation about Orr Fellowship. What attracted me to the program was the opportunity to grow a network of motivational people and also the challenge of joining an elite entrepreneurial program. I wasn’t always convinced that the Fellowship was the right thing for me, but I wanted to go through the process in order to grow as a professional. I received an offer and after some careful consideration I decided that the network, experience, and opportunity to learn from a growing company was too good to pass up.

Now that I am in Orr Fellowship I can see how unbelievably valuable the network I received has become. I have used my connections to help others get jobs, to learn new skills, and to stay up to date with what is going on. I know that once I am done with my two years I can leverage my connections to go many different places and I think that is the true value of Orr Fellowship.
What’s your favorite Fellowship memory?
I would have to say my favorite memory is winter retreat. At this point in the year it is great to get a little break and head off with a fun group to relax, play games, and get to know each other even better. It is incredibly rare to have such a fun group of individuals come together after school is over, so moments like the winter retreat are a great bonus.
Why did you decide to take on coordinating so many social/curriculum planning aspects of the Fellowship?
I want to get the most out of my experience in Orr Fellowship and since I believe the network is one of the key aspects I decided to invest a good amount of time into developing events that bring Fellows together to either learn or have fun. This is not out of just personal gain, but I can honestly say that there is not one individual within the Fellowship that I wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with or learning more about.
What do you tell potential recruits about the social aspect of the Fellowship?
I tell them that the issue is not trying to find things to do, but deciding what to do. There are so many great events with awesome people that you will need to allocate your time efficiently so that you don’t ware yourself out. I also say that it is important that they make an effort to connect with as many Fellows as possible because every person within the Fellowship has unique personalities and gifts that you can learn from.
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