ORR NETWORK: IU Fellow works for Host Company Founded by Fellows

ORR NETWORK: IU Fellow works for Host Company Founded by Fellows
October 9, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

At the heart of Orr Fellowship is a drive for entrepreneurship- in both the Fellows, AND their respective host companies. But what’s it like working at a host company STARTED by a former Orr Fellow? Our Orr Fellow of the Week, Ross Lubbers, tells about the explosive growth he’s seen during his time at Lesson.ly.

Name:Ross Lubbers
School: Indiana University ’15
Major: Informatics
Host Company: Lesson.ly

What’s it like being at a company that’s not national news quite just yet, but is exploding onto the business scene here in Indy?
It’s been incredible to be apart of a business that has experienced the growth we have these past 10 months. Since I started in August 2015, Lesson.ly went from 15 employees to 40+, raised 5 million dollar in Series A funding, and more than quadrupled our office space. On top of that, people around the city are starting to recognize the Lesson.ly name, and it gives me a sense of pride knowing I contributed to the growth.

What are some growth challenges you see your company facing, and how are you guys overcoming them?
Having said that, growth doesn’t come easy. A big reason for our success is the amount of effort and passion each employee puts into their job. Hard work is contagious around here, and we embrace the opportunity we have to build Lesson.ly into a household name in the Indianapolis tech community.

What do you think it is about your Orr experience that makes it unique?
1.) Growth. When I started back in August our sales, engineering, marketing, and client experience teams were all bunched together in two connected rooms. I was able to witness how each department worked together to build a successful business. Understanding the relationships between departments, and how each decision has an effect on everyone is an eye-opening experience.

2.) Orr Fellows have built Lesson.ly. 5 people on our senior leadership team were Orr Fellows together including our CEO, COO, Director of Marketing, Director of Client Experience, and Director of Sales. When you hear that the Fellowship connects young talent in Indianapolis, Lesson.ly is proof that it actually happens.

3.) Finding a passion for sales. Being a sales rep in Orr Fellowship is difficult because you’re not allowed to make commission. Therefore, every colleague you work with has a clear incentive to put in the extra hours, money. As a Fellow, my salary stays the same regardless of my numbers, which can be tough. However, Lesson.ly allows me to sell a product that I believe in. I see first hand how our platform improves the lives of those who use it, which makes it easy and fun to sell.

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