Orr Network: Butler Dawg dives into Roche Diagnostics

Orr Network: Butler Dawg dives into Roche Diagnostics
October 4, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellowship wants to recognize a critical piece of the Fellowship- the Fellows. Learn more about our network and the people driving this amazing post-graduate experience!

What’s work like at a bigger company in the Fellowship? What’s it like to stay in Indianapolis after graduation? Fellow of the Week and Butler University graduate Ridge Parks talked with us about what its like working at Roche Diagnostics and staying in the city he’s learned to love!

Name: Ridge Parks
School: Butler University ’16
Major: Marketing and Finance
Host Company: Roche

What attracted you to Orr Fellowship and how do you think it’s going to help your future career path?
The thing that most attracted me to the Fellowship is the aspect of personal and professional development that is rooted throughout the two-year experience. Being able to spend the first few years of my professional life after college in an organization which is committed to helping me grow is an opportunity that I could not pass up. The extra skills and knowledge that I will develop over the course of this program, as well as the network of individuals that I am creating while doing so, will be invaluable to my career.

What is your typical day like at your job, can you tell us a bit more about how work is going/what you’re doing?
A typical day at my job is filled with many twists and turns. As a member of our sales team, I get the opportunity to interact with new people everyday, both inside and outside of Roche. I have learned so much in my time in this role, which includes building a knowledge of the industry and the products I sell, but more importantly, about building and managing business relationships. I have learned that I really enjoy sales, and I want to continue to learn as much as I can in order to continue to be successful.

What’s it like working at a larger company in the Fellowship?
I love that Roche is a large company. I enjoy the fact that, in any given day, I can meet someone new at work who I have never seen before. I can learn about a process or a product that I didn’t know existed. As a member of the Fellowship, I have been given the opportunity to really explore the company and get to know the different sides of the business. Roche and the Orr Fellowship really care about my experience, and they have worked together to make sure that I get the most out of it. Being at a large company really has helped me to do so, because in one large organization, I have access to all different aspects of business.

Butler is in Indy, and you had four years to explore the city. What made you want to stay in Indianapolis?
When I attended Butler, I fell in love with Indianapolis. I found that there was so much more to do in the city than I could have ever imagined. With a very short commute, I could explore the wonders of downtown, or the more eclectic vibes of Broadripple. I could find sporting events, comedy clubs, art galleries, museums, churches, and night life all in one place, and I felt as though I always had something to do. Now that I have graduated, I have found that there is even more to the city than I was able to explore in college. The city has really become my home, and I plan to be here as long as I can.

What’s something that you’d want someone who is considering applying for Orr Fellowship to know?
If you are considering Orr Fellowship, you need to know how unique of an opportunity this is. I can think of no other program that could have provided me with great work, wonderful friends, and incredible developmental opportunities all in one place. The Orr Fellowship is invested in my future, and it is evident. This support is something I cannot imagine starting my career without.

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