Orr Network: Poli-Sci Major Consults on What it Takes to be a Fellow

Orr Network: Poli-Sci Major Consults on What it Takes to be a Fellow
September 26, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellowship is recognizes a critical piece of the Fellowship- the Fellows. Learn more about our network and the people driving this amazing post-graduate experience!

What’s it like to land that unicorn consulting job at KSM Consulting? Fellow of the Week Megan Bailey talked with us about the wide variety of activities she’s performing and skills she’s learning at her job, and what it takes to be a successful Orr Fellow!

Megan enjoying a treat at the Indiana State Fair due to the generousity of host company LDI.

Name: Megan Bailey
School: DePauw University ’16
Major: Political Science
Host Company: KSM Consulting

What attracted you to Orr Fellowship and how do you think it’s going to help your future career path?
Up until my senior year, I planned to attend graduate school for international security directly after undergrad. As the time approached to actually to apply for grad school, I realized that I wanted “real world” experience before I pursued further education. Orr Fellowship offered the perfect opportunity to get a range of experiences, especially for someone who wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted their career path to look like. I completely switched my post-grad plans, but I’m really happy that I did.

Though my job within Orr Fellowship isn’t directly related to my interest in international relations, I’m gaining really valuable skills already. KSMC works in both the public and private sectors, so I’m learning about the problems governmental agencies face and how to approach solving them. I’m also refining my research and writing skills through our client work, which I know will be essential if I decide to pursue further education after the Fellowship.

What’s something that you’d want someone who is considering applying for Orr Fellowship to know?
Orr Fellowship is a distinctive post-graduate experience. It gives Fellows opportunities that no other job right out of college can offer: continued curriculum and learning experiences, opportunities to meet Indiana’s most influential people, and a really cool network of young professionals in Indianapolis. What I’m really trying to get at is this…Orr Fellowship has the chance to be one of the best possible post-graduate experiences, but it takes someone who is motivated and engaged to get the most out of it. So, if those things sound appealing and they are motivated to do good work for their company and be engaged beyond the workplace as well, then Orr Fellowship is a good fit.

What is your typical day like at your job, can you tell us a bit more about how work is going/what you’re doing?
I am part of the management consulting practice, which means that I work on projects related to any kind of problem that organizations face. Beyond checking my email and calendar first thing in the morning, every day holds something different. Depending on what project I’m working on at the moment, I could be doing research, crunching numbers, working in Excel, meeting with clients, writing reports, or any other number of things. One really cool thing about KSMC and Orr Fellowship is that I get to work alongside executive team members. I sit right by my boss who is on the executive team, and he continually gives me advice, ideas, and new tasks to tackle.

I’ve also been working with our marketing team to edit and refine some of our documents, write blog posts, and launch our awesome new website.

What’s your favorite part of your jobs so far?
I love the variety of projects I get to work on at KSMC! It means that I’m not doing the same thing every single day. Consulting is a broad field, meaning clients can come to us with any range of problems or ideas for a project. Even in my first few months I’ve worked with different kinds of clients with different problems in different sectors. The variety keeps things interesting.

How are you getting involved in Indy and/or Orr Fellowship?
Within Orr Fellowship, I’m working on a civic engagement project within Indianapolis Schools that promotes entrepreneurship and creativity. I’m currently recruiting schools to participate and coordinating between the classrooms and the program the Fellowship is bringing in. We are trying to grow the program this year, and I’m excited to see the results in the classroom!

Outside of Orr Fellowship, I’m volunteering at Exodus Refugee, a refugee resettlement agency that I interned with during college. This involvement allows me to stay connected to my international relations roots and serve a unique subsection of the Indianapolis community.

More socially, I’m participating in Orr Fellowship Book Club and Wine and Cheese Club. And I also like to explore Indy’s food scene and buy Groupons for basically everything in Indianapolis.

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