Orr Network: Fellow Spearheads Civic Engagement Project

Orr Network: Fellow Spearheads Civic Engagement Project
September 12, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellowship is taking to social media to recognize a critical piece of the Fellowship- the Fellows. Learn more about our network and the people driving this amazing post-graduate experience!

Fellow of the Week Carolyn di Buono is extremely passionate about helping others. Through her work with the Fellowship community outreach team, she’s helping spearhead the Fellowship’s biggest nonprofit initiative to date.

Carolyn (6th from left) reaching Ruby Falls in Smokey Mountains National Park.

Name: Carolyn di Buono
School: Indiana University ’15
Major: Nonprofit Management
Host Company: hc1.com

Why did you decide to apply for Orr Fellowship? What was it about the program that convinced you to do it?
I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to do something that was both challenging and would really launch my career. It sounds funny since I didn’t even really know what I wanted that career to be. I was really convinced just by the uniqueness of the program. Orr Fellowship is one of a kind, and I have always been interested in one-of-a-kind experiences so it intrigued me. Plus, it didn’t hurt to have a job locked down immediately after graduation.

How is the fellowship helping you pursue your passions?
I am learning so much in my position at hc1.com, but it’s definitely not a role I ever thought I’d be in. My passion has always been with nonprofit work. If I could volunteer all day every day, I would. Orr Fellowship allows me to still learn about the nonprofit world and gain experience in nonprofit work, even though it’s not a part of my every day job. The opportunities I have to volunteer and lead volunteer projects through the Fellowship really excites me and help me learn so much more about a sector of business that is incredibly impactful and important.

You’re involved in a new civic engagement program with the Fellowship. Tell us more about what that has entails and what it means to you.
I am in charge of coordinating a week-long entrepreneurial ‘boot camp’ of sorts for middle school students. Although the description is pretty simple, the actual project has so many facets! From meeting with local school principals and teachers, to coordinating volunteers, to finding professional mentors from Indy’s tech community, to building out the program curriculum, to planning a budget & fundraising for the program, I really have gained experience in what it’s like to start something from scratch and the work that it takes.

All of these pieces have made for an invaluable experience. I truly believe I would have never have been able to learn as much as I have or made the connection that I have without this project and the Orr Fellowship. On top of that, just to know that I am making a difference in the lives of these students, even just for a week, makes all the work worth it. I mean, how cool is it that we could be the team to inspire a student to become an entrepreneur when they grow up? Or better yet, to inspire a student to become an entrepreneur right now!

What’s your favorite Fellowship memory?
Without a doubt, Winter Retreat. Just hanging with 80+ pals in the mountains for a weekend – what’s better than that?!

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