How to Kill it in that Interview!

How to Kill it in that Interview!
September 12, 2016 by Orr Fellowship

Interviews. One of the scariest parts of entering the “real world” and becoming an adult is the thought of having to interview for a job. (Wait, I can’t just apply and get in like college?? Where is my acceptance letter and commemorative sticker for my car?) Well never fear! Some of the Orr Fellows have put together a set of five helpful tips to make your next interview the best one yet.

1. Dress to impress and make a powerful statement.
First impressions are key to landing the job you want, so don’t let your attire hold you back. Business formal is the norm for an in-person interview, so don’t show up in your favorite pair of jeans. Putting effort into your professional dress shows your commitment to the interview and the company and can really make you stand out. Plus, who doesn’t love to rock a business suit and post a pic to Snapchat? (We all do it, don’t worry).

2. Use strong non-verbal communication throughout the interview.
The way you enter the room helps set the tone of an interview, so come in confident and happy with a smile and a strong handshake. Simply smiling can relieve stress, helping you shake those pre-interview nerves and making you seem more outgoing, open, and confident. Try to avoid crossing your arms or fidgeting with your clothes as the interview progresses. It can be distracting to the interviewer and might make you seem closed off or uninterested. Sit up straight, place your hands where they feel comfortable, and let your personality shine without any non-verbal road blocks. So show those pearly whites and dazzle with your non-verbal communication!

3. Come prepared. Know yourself and the company/organization you are interviewing with inside and out.
I can’t stress this next part enough, but make sure you know your resume. The company wants to know about YOU, so they are going to ask questions based off that one-sheeter where you just barely crammed all of your experiences. If you have tailored it to fit a specific interview, make sure you understand what is actually on it and what you may have left off. (How awkward would it be to reference something on your resume only to realize that specific content isn’t on there? Not that any of us have done that…) KNOW YOUR RESUME.
Whether you are interviewing with a publicly traded company or the start-up down the street, make sure you have a basic understanding of what the company actually does and how it does it. This helps in two ways: First, it shows the interviewer you are seriously interested in the company, and second, it will help keep those pre-interview jitters at bay because you will feel much more prepared!

4. Ask Questions!
Plan ahead and have a question or two in your back pocket to impress your interviewer. No one expects you to know everything about a company (Even with Google that is asking a lot), but having some insightful questions that relate to the interview discussion will definitely help leave a lasting impression as the interview comes to a close.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
So it’s the day of your interview, your lint roller ran out, Starbucks was out of dark roast, and you’re just now realizing that college does have to come to an end. So what? As long as you are prepared, confident, and ready to tackle any challenge, there is no way you won’t rock any interview. Just be sure to use our tips, and check back at for more professional development blogs!

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