Orr Fellowship Rebrand Party: The Recap

Orr Fellowship Rebrand Party: The Recap
August 11, 2015 by Orr Fellowship


With beer from Sun King Brewing and popcorn from Just Pop In!, the atmosphere at the Young and Laramore building, home to host company Lesson.ly, was charged with excitement as fellows old and new came to applaud the new era for the Orr Fellowship.

On Thursday, August 6, the Orr Fellowship celebrated the launch of the much anticipated brand revamp of its logo, website, and marketing materials.

The Fellowship’s new look reflects some of the updates the Fellowship is undergoing this year:

  • Enhancing curriculum programming
  • Professional development
  • Certification opportunities
  • Organization growth

“It’s the same brand at its core,” said Orr Fellowship co-founder and chairman, Scott Brenton. “We are who we are, and our brand values are still there. The real work comes now in carrying on the values the brand represents—things like hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

The toast of the evening went to Second Year Fellow Abby Pautz, who championed the rebrand from start to finish. Ideas for the rebrand sparked in November and became real when developers at inSourceCode helped guide the tackling of this project back in March.

“The whole idea behind the logo is the sum of its parts,” said Pautz. “The sum of the parts makes up the whole, and that’s where the ‘O’ came from.”

The six pieces of the “O” in the Fellowship logo represent the six key value propositions of the Fellowship’s dogma:

  • A full-time, salaried position
  • Continued learning
  • Involvement with influential Indianapolis business leaders
  • Civic engagement
  • An invaluable peer network
  • Personal growth

“As for the colors, our thinking was along the lines of not necessarily to ‘set the city on fire,’ but definitely the idea that the color palette should have flame connotations and thoughts of ignition. We want our colors to be vibrant and impactful, just like the role of the Fellows in the Indianapolis community,” said Pautz.

Several current Fellows shared what the new look meant to them, and agreed it would be a strong representation of the brand moving forward.

Connor Donnelly, first year fellow said, “I think that this new logo helps express that the Fellowship isn’t just for people interested in pursuing careers in technology or entrepreneurship. It allows the Fellowship to feel more accessible.”

“I think recruiting is always going to be an important thought in our minds when we consider the branding and its message. However, it’s also crucial how we communicate our message to the Indianapolis community,” said Aaron Harrison, second year fellow.

“Detailing the fellowship’s mission helps the external community see us as a force for change, which is going to have huge benefits. The rebranding affects our ability to impact Indy in a positive way.”

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The continued support of the Fellowship by its former members, many who came to mingle and celebrate on Thursday, showcases their love for the program and the impact it has had on their careers.

“Quite simply put,” said Executive Director Karyn Smitson, “as the program develops, our brand will continue to develop with it.”

And we are so excited that time is here!



By Brooke Kovanda

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