The Indianapolis Entrepreneurial Presence: Fostering High-Tech Companies and Young Talent

The Indianapolis Entrepreneurial Presence: Fostering High-Tech Companies and Young Talent
September 11, 2012 by Orr Fellowship


When thinking of Entrepreneurial hubs, big cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and, of course, Silicon Valley probably come to mind. A place you may not consider on first thought is the great city of Indianapolis. I have learned that Indianapolis is not only host to some top tier companies, but Indy is doing some amazing things to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Orr Fellowship –

The Orr Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to experience what it’s like to work for a dynamic, high growth company. Within their host companies, Orr Fellows experience C-level executive mentorship, are able to wear multiple hats throughout their two years, and have the opportunity to make an influential contribution. Furthermore, Orr Fellows enter into a peer network that opens the doors to new friendships, business partnerships and much more. The Orr Fellowship is an unrivaled organization that places young professionals into the growing business community of Indianapolis.

The Combine –

The Combine brings together creative thinkers from across the country to learn, network and be inspired in a remarkable Midwest setting. This three day event features workshops, open pitch-sessions, cocktail hours, speakers and much more. Hosted in Bloomington, a tech culture hotspot and home to Indiana University, The Combine is the event of the year for inventors, coders, developers and entrepreneurs.


Verge is for all people in the Midwest working on or investing in tech startups. Verge is the best spot to meet and hang out with other Midwest entrepreneurs and software developers. Matt Hunckler, an Orr Fellow Alum, is the chief organizer at Verge, and he has created an entrepreneurial network that meets once a month to pitch ideas, collaborate and create business opportunities.

Developer Town

Developer Town houses talented, creative and motivated people that understand the challenges of early-stage ventures. They know how to turn risks into benefits and have what it takes to get products to market faster  on a stronger technology foundation. These guys are in business to create business, and they have an astonishing track record. Their warehouse is filled with miniature houses where each employee spends their time working on new and innovative ventures. A must see in Indy!

Now you’re in the know. Indianapolis is home to some of the most talented entrepreneurs in the country. I feel so lucky to be involved with such a growing community and to be able to work with some of the brightest minds in the country. So as you think about moving to that big city in search of grand opportunity, I recommend you add Indianapolis to your list of choices and discover all this great city has to offer. 

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