August Business Leader Meeting with Angie Hicks

August Business Leader Meeting with Angie Hicks
September 25, 2012 by Orr Fellowship


In late June, I started working at Angie’s List. Orr Fellows at Angie’s List are given the great opportunity to have Angie Hicks, the founder and CMO, as their executive-level mentor. I asked Angie if she would speak for our August Business Leader Meeting (BLM).

About once a month, Orr Fellows will gather to hear Indiana’s entrepreneurial and business leaders speak at BLM, which gives them the opportunity to learn from and network with top professionals in Indiana.

We were honored to have Angie Hicks take time to speak with us for over an hour during our August BLM.  All of the Orr Fellows came to Angie’s List and met outside in the courtyard area. Angie was able to speak with us in a very casual atmosphere.

Angie spoke to us about how Angie’s List was founded and how the Orr Fellowship began. I discovered that Angie Hicks was involved with initially helping start the Orr Fellowship. She also spoke about the purpose of the Orr Fellowship, and how it gives recent graduates job and networking opportunities in Indiana.

She gave us advice for our first major roles out of college with two of key points:  

·         No matter what job or task you are given, it is important to give it your top effort and to perform it the best way possible

·         Find a job you enjoy doing. You may not like every aspect of your job, but it is important appreciate and enjoy your overall work

We also learned how tough it can be to start a business. When starting the business, Angie went door to door selling memberships and gathering information. Afterwards, she would additionally take member phone calls and put together and mail regular publications to members.

Towards the end of the event, Orr Fellows were able to ask questions and interact with Angie. Afterwards, Angie took time to speak with Orr Fellows individually. This opportunity gave Orr Fellows the chance to network with one of Indiana’s well respected executives and gain first-hand knowledge of business experience and success.

Business Leader Meetings are one of the key benefits of the Orr Fellowship. We were able to gain key insights from meeting with Angie Hicks. I look forward meeting more leaders in Indiana with future BLM events.  


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