How Lemonade Stands are Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship in Indianapolis

How Lemonade Stands are Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship in Indianapolis
March 6, 2012 by Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellows volunteering at a Lemonade Day event!

When The Orr Fellowship heard that Lemonade Day is sharing the experience of entrepreneurship with youth, we jumped at the opportunity. This year, The Orr Fellowship partnered with Lemonade Day Indianapolis to spark the dreams of young entrepreneurs. Lemonade Day seeks to share the experience of entrepreneurship with the next generation of kids. A cause that Orr Fellows strongly believe in. The Orr Fellowship lended a helping hand at the Lemonade Day ‘Backpack Stuffing’ event.

Lemonade Day teaches kids how to start, own and operate their own business: a lemonade stand.  Volunteers help the participating kids over the course of a few months to design their stand, learn how to manage budgets, discover ways to market their stand, and other business skills. But, the event doesn’t only teach about entrepreneurship. Participating kids also learn life lessons, including financial literacy and philanthropy. 

I’m looking forward joining all The Orr Fellowship over the next few months in this remarkable opportunity to mentor and inspire Indianapolis children.

Ann (a current first year fellow) pauses while volunteering. Lemonade Day Indianapolis Logo


Scott Jones, local entrepreneur, founded The Think Forward Foundation to spearhead Indy’s Lemonade Day.  Here are a few of Scott’s reasons for taking on this challenge:

“Today fewer and fewer kids are engaging in entrepreneurial activities like mowing lawns or starting lemonade stands.  And yet many entrepreneurs talk about their early childhood experiences starting lemonade stands, or selling golf balls to empty-handed golfers, as the moment when the “light bulb went on.” The moment when they knew they could control their own destinies and possibly even change the world with their ideas.  A lemonade stand did that for Scott, and he wants other kids to have that “light bulb” moment.

In just two years Lemonade Day Indianapolis volunteers have helped more than 17,400 kids experience entrepreneurship!  Here are some of the 2011 participants’ accomplishments:

  • Average gross revenue per stand:  $133
  • Total gross revenue:  $1, 330, 890
  • Average price charged per glass:  $ 0.97
  • Average # of glasses sold per stand:  85
  • Total # of glasses sold:  852, 692
  • Average donation to charity per stand:  $62
  • Total contributions to charity:  $616, 765
  • Average “man hours” per stand: 3.75 hours
  • Total “man hours” worked on Lemonade Day: 37,500

2011 Lemonade Day Photo CollageSomeone who would like to participate? Direct them to nothing else, buy a glass of lemonade from a child’s stand on Saturday May 19th and help foster the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of Indianapolis in the next generation. And, in the meantime, keep visiting our blog for updates on how Orr Fellows are helping out and joining in the fun!

What do you think of Lemonade Day?



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