Orr Fellowship Indiana – Interview Process

Orr Fellowship Indiana – Interview Process
September 11, 2010 by Orr Fellowship
So here I am, three months into my first year as an Orr Fellow in the Governor Bob Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship, and I find myself wondering how I got to this great place in my life.  How did I “survive” each round of the recruitment process?  How was I selected on Finalist Day to be a part of the largest class of Orr Fellows to date? 

The other day, myself and another Orr Fellow went to lunch with the President of our host company, Right On Interactive.  As we talked about the early days of the company’s existence, the conversation eventually turned to how we were selected on Finalist Day from among 40+ highly qualified individuals.  Our curiosity had overcome us at that point.  On a lighthearted note, we wanted to know if the interview process was as grueling for him as it was for us.  More importantly, we wanted to know how the President of a 4-year-old company chooses the people who he will ultimately entrust his high growth start-up company with.  After all, it is the people of a company that carry out its mission and goals, from its delicate infancy to its robust existence. 

The brevity of his response surprised me.  He simply stated, “Character is what I look for.”  He went on to say that above everything else he valued the character of a person.  Their qualifications, leadership ability, and overall talent, came second.  So, as you strive to excel in all academic areas of your life, remember that the strength of your character counts just as much.  The two go hand-in-hand.

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